16 Steps To Six Figures; Step 3

Step Three:


Some Important Notes Before We Begin:



Pillar #3:

The Gift of Relationships



Jim Rohn used to talk about nurturing your relationships like a garden: you have to keep working on them or the “weeds” will grow. This is also true with your health and your business too. 

 Also before we get into the Learning Bonus…


I want to impress on your mind the idea of “Consistency with your work. Sometimes people fall out a program just because they have no consistency.


You will notice that many things are not easy and that success is built one day at a time and that it takes time. This is a fact: If you have a passion to change your lifestyle, you will succeed. But anything less than that will fail. And having a passion with consistent effort will eventually pay off.


Jim Rohn said it best: “What’s easy to do {your daily consistent effort in your business in this case} is also easy not to do.” And that is one reason why people fail: They stop being consistent.  


In this Step we’re going to continue to help you get things set up and also show you how to get paid!


Click on the business of your choice. You will only need to complete it to complete this Step. For instance, if you’re in GDI, just click the link and complete it.


The reason we have only added three sections to Step 3 is because many of you have joined GDI, PMS and PLS and we want you to be able to get things set up in each if you haven’t by now.


If you’re in all three (GDI, PMS & PLS), then focus primarily on PLS as you can earn from all three business models from PLS alone. However, still set up each system in this Step.


If you’re in only one or two business, don’t worry, just focus on the one that makes the most sense to you. If you’re in GDI and PMS (for example) get both systems set up in both (in this step) but keep your focus on only promoting and advertising one of them. Otherwise, you will take on possibly “more than you can chew” If you know what I mean.


If you want to earn more, then promote PMS. If you want help getting a new member under you, then promote your team link you were given in GDI, so we can help place a member under you. You must finish Step 3 and be getting 1000 hits a week to your team link for us to start placing members under you. If you decided to do the “Incentive Plan” in the Intro Step, then see details about us helping you get a member under you in PMS or PLS.


You can earn from both PMS and GDI simply by becoming an “Owner” (go here) and purchasing the “Downline Builder”. We will then put your GDI and PMS links inside it (and custom make it for you) for you so that anyone on your team who you or your team leader send the Training link (The Steps to Six Figures INTRO Step link), you will be able to earn if they upgrade to one or the other or both.

Or you can also get the Downline Builder for free when you become complete becoming a team leader. (Completing Step Nine will open the door for you to become a team leader). This will also allow you to earn from the Downline Builder in the same manner just discussed.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions about this, make sure to let us know!

When you’re done with your section, then contact your team leader. 

To your success!

Your Personal Team Leader


~Albie Derbyshire Elizabeta Kuzevska

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